fast oxidizer weight loss guide

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fast oxidizer weight loss guide

Weight loss should never be a desire that takes a toll on your health. Here is how you can lose weight without harming your health.

fast oxidizer weight loss

fast oxidizer weight loss

Body weight issues can cause emotional turmoil, shadowing one’s capability to make clear decisions. Media regularly reports the side effects and dangers of methods utilized by people for rapid weight loss. Fortunately, you don’t need to go aggressive, but with a healthy diet and enough exercise you can lose 3 pounds or more per week at home, according to experts.


How to safely lose weight fast?

Do some basic math, if on average you burn 500-600 calories a day with a healthy diet and exercising, you will be losing a pound or two within a week. It is attainable and need no extreme steps to be taken.


If you want to lose weight even faster, cut the calories and increase the exercise time. But there’s a catch. Under no circumstances, you should lose more than 1000-1200 calories a day. It will biologically disturb the body.


Diets for Safe Weight Loss

You can start with limiting your salt and starch intake along with added sugars. Mostly the beverages like soft drinks, packaged fruit juice and alcohol add substantial calories to your diet without your notice. Focus on adding more veggies, fruits and lean meat to your diet.


Cutting calories does not mean you have to stay hungry and starve your body. You can cut calories even on a full stomach. Here are some ways to keep you feeling full that will cut your calorie intake.


  1. Drink plenty of water
  2. More vegetables means less craving for binge eating
  3. Stop skipping meals
  4. Eat only from the plate, no grazing from the fridge
  5. Keep busy so that boredom doesn’t kick your binge eating instinct

According to diet expert Bonnie Taub Dix, keeping a food journal can help with weight loss. The journal is not for jotting down the food you ate and calorie calculation but to pen down your emotions before and after eating.

He argues that emotions are a big part of weight gain. If you find yourself emotionally eating, you may need a counselor.


Safe Exercising for Fast Weight Loss

An hour of moderate exercising is enough to lose weight. Best is to invest your time in strength training and cardio. Most people crash their body system by sweating in gyms lifting weights even though cardio is best suited for weight loss. With cardiovascular exercises you burn more calories faster.


If you have any chronic medical condition or are obese, it is best to consult with your doctor before starting with any exercise. The rule is to slowly pace yourself and not try to do too much to lose weight too soon.


Stay Away From Crash Diets

When you are struggling with weight loss, risk of falling into the trap of crash diets is high. Such diet plans are advertised as incredible weight loss plans that can make you look slimmer in no time. Stay away from diet plans that encourage you to make use of laxatives, potions, detoxification pills or fasting.


Remember that losing too many calories is not only dangerous for your health, but also counterproductive for weight loss.


Hope tis guide helps you to plan a weight loss strategy keeping safe and healthy.

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fast oxidizer weight loss guide 

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